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          2015-08-16   自荐信   来源:   作者:   


            dear sir / miss:

            hello! i am a forthcoming business school and graduated from college students in hangzhou. i am honored to have the opportunity presented to you my personal data. i have learned at the university for finance professionals, which is your company's development is closely related to, during school, study hard, serious practice, train and exercise the themselves to adapt to the competitive ability of modern society.

            i was in a life full of energy at the moment, i desire in a broader world to demonstrate their talents, i am not satisfied with the existing level of knowledge, the expectations have been tempered in practice and improve, so i hope you can join the unit. i will do a good job of their own, do all the work achieved in the results. i believe that through their own hard work and efforts, will make its due contribution to

            thank you for your busy schedule to give him my concern and would like your organization thriving career, achievements, and wish your business every success in the future!

            i hope that the leadership can be taken into account for me, i eagerly look forward to hearing from you! thanks!




            Dear leaders:


            It is an honor in your busy schedule to read my cover letter, thank you!

            I am a more than a year to participate in the work of a professional college of Art and Design. University for three years has laid a solid theoretical foundation for the professional, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, the work of one year, so I have a pragmatic style of work.

            Professional learning

            Seriously in school learning theory of professional knowledge, accumulated a wealth of design experience and reading a lot of design books. At the same time, music and literature for non-professional knowledge, I also have a strong interest. With one year working experience in graphic design, design a good, skilled computer graphics capability, familiarity with the software, photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw, flash, firework, dreamweaver operation, familiar with the printing process output.


            Careful work, practical work hard, there are groups in the spirit of humility, diligence, easy-going.

            Ideological self-cultivation on

            Excellent quality, ideological progress, Benedict Shou-cheng, a letter, propriety and learning the principles of life.

            Low job-seekers holding a book, read the mind of self-confidence sincere, and I look forward to your company to become one!



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